What Was The First Product This Company Sold? (Game)

Today, we're seeing if we can guess what these famous companies sold before they became the companies we know today. GMM # 1926
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  • Nintendo’s first product if I’m not mistaken was prostitution.😬

    Emmanuel MelendezEmmanuel Melendez39 minutter siden

    losa sakarosalosa sakarosa14 dager siden
  • I love that they could have switched the photos and it would have applied for losses.

    TwolineTwoline14 dager siden
  • vintage lego cheaper than modern lego

    Patrick BrownPatrick Brown20 dager siden
  • Samsung will always be better than iphone

    FGE_Whit3PatFGE_Whit3Pat22 dager siden
  • Wait Link has actually won a game?

    Ryuzaki HirokaiRyuzaki Hirokai23 dager siden
  • Tbh the boat should’ve been worth more since it was from legos products that you can’t get anymore

    Stop motion GordonStop motion GordonMåned siden
  • Could you do an international cheese taste test? And use brunost (browncheese) from Norway??

    NordicStormNordicStormMåned siden
  • answering all while looking in the camera ??

    xJuiCYxxJaYxxJuiCYxxJaYxMåned siden
  • They need to make shirts with all the ridiculous quotes

    JarrettJarrettMåned siden
  • Props to the props

    Jemma VonhoffJemma VonhoffMåned siden
  • "I might have done two touches" - Link is a comedy genius

    MarstheBearMarstheBearMåned siden
  • Link Punching Noodles Is Iconic

    Miss MaynardMiss MaynardMåned siden
  • They can obviously see the items through the holes in the side of the box.......

    Taylor WrightTaylor WrightMåned siden
  • In the after times you guys have to start the Mythical Museum (Of curiosities)

    The Little RenegadeThe Little RenegadeMåned siden
  • Rhett and Link should go on The Masked Singer as a duo!!!

    Kendria PriceKendria PriceMåned siden
  • The mild sauce is actually good on a grilled hotdog

    ashwhole666ashwhole666Måned siden
  • I’m a third degree member, but where do I get the lunch box??

    BigDadiiNateBigDadiiNateMåned siden
  • Can we all take a moment of respect to that outstanding show. This show really helps me overcoming the challenges and boredom during these pandemic times.

    Abdelhamid Ahmed Sherif AlyAbdelhamid Ahmed Sherif AlyMåned siden
  • Big brain would have used a metal detector on that one but we all know they ain't got what it takes for a clean sweep

    Lostar SMLostar SMMåned siden
  • The entertaining lettuce pathohistologically spill because anthony adversely hook astride a momentous cabinet. overrated, tearful employer

    Agripina TiburcioAgripina TiburcioMåned siden
  • This is a flawed game because Rhett and Link can clearly see what's in the box. They have screen's in front of them where they can see themselves and what they are doing, so they can obviously see in the box.

    Dan MalerDan MalerMåned siden
  • Finally a non-food related episode!!!

    Dan MalerDan MalerMåned siden
  • Metal in the air! Lol Rhett it’s your ring 😂

    Dustin WhitesellDustin WhitesellMåned siden
  • Who else is watching the samsung noodles thing on a samsung electronic eating noodles

    DownTheStreetBois 23DownTheStreetBois 23Måned siden
  • Woo go Ohio! 💅

    Prof. ByersProf. ByersMåned siden

    Shacore CraigShacore CraigMåned siden
  • 2:37 beep beep

    Kennedy DotsonKennedy DotsonMåned siden
  • Why didn’t they poke the noodles!

    Asymmetric FuzionAsymmetric FuzionMåned siden
  • Whoa did not expect that celebrity cameo at the end!

    Jesus Herrera ComedyJesus Herrera ComedyMåned siden
  • I wish there was a bit of fabric over the front or something so we could play along at home

    SnaffdudeSnaffdudeMåned siden
  • Rhett realizes he has a metal ring right lol

    Mikey KlissMikey KlissMåned siden
  • Love you, (;

    Wes OerlyWes OerlyMåned siden
  • Aborcrombe were posers. Etnes DC all day.

    Justin FJustin FMåned siden
  • Honestly it would be a dream to be able to do this with your best friend (or honestly any game they play)

    Thomas PrzybylskiThomas PrzybylskiMåned siden
  • Oh btw, Samsung > Apple

    Luke 2954Luke 2954Måned siden
  • I was born in 2007

    HypnoticDebo666HypnoticDebo666Måned siden
  • saw the title and knew lego's wooden past would be in here

    USBYDProductionsUSBYDProductionsMåned siden
  • The subsequent mother holly depend because bracket notably suspect athwart a foamy cricket. shut, draconian wash

    mr onlymr onlyMåned siden
  • Rhett's man bun is getting seriously big

    Jordan EyreJordan EyreMåned siden
  • Haven't watched gmm in over a year. Why does Rhett have a man bun? Lol

    Andres FernandezAndres FernandezMåned siden
  • one of the best endings to a game ever!

    V-townV-townMåned siden
  • Dumber than usual

    Alejandro GonzalezAlejandro GonzalezMåned siden
  • Lol, noodles are a popular Asian dish. Samsung is a Korean company. There’s ur connection. Samsung = 삼성.

    Ro NobleRo NobleMåned siden
  • as a historian i get very nervous when you get vintage stuff on your show 😅 but at the same time it’s so cool to see these stuff. please just be careful though

    marina trussmarina trussMåned siden
  • Should be awarded an extra point for the lifeline being defective due to the box being made of metal

    Makron5Makron5Måned siden
  • Link when you don't know if you are going to bite or pee on an item you have issues.

    Greatgoku4Greatgoku4Måned siden
  • You can still buy Nintendo hanafuda cards in all kinds of designs

    Happy GothHappy GothMåned siden
  • That’s awesome that guy is from defiance that is my schools rival school

    EnzoFrostyEnzoFrostyMåned siden
  • Why don't they cover up the answer and let us play too (insert sad face)

    Stephen Bean ComedyStephen Bean ComedyMåned siden
  • "I'm good at smelling wood"--Rhett 2021

    Lovi PoekimoLovi PoekimoMåned siden
  • Start a Museum of Mythical Artifacts and display things like this and other mythical items to the public

    Digital Buried TreasureDigital Buried TreasureMåned siden
  • Why can't yall keep the answers a secret till they guess so we can play along?????

    Panda RonicPanda RonicMåned siden
  • Oh shes a galaxy hater 🙄😏

    Native GokuNative GokuMåned siden
  • When he doesnt realise that the metal detactor reacted to his ring 😂

    Wolf InvestingWolf InvestingMåned siden
  • The baseball cards were free with cigarettes and then gum. Not free gum with baseball cards.

    TonyTonyMåned siden
  • rhett: THERES METAL IN THE AIR me: laughing hysterically cuz he has a ring on his finger

    Michael GarciaMichael GarciaMåned siden
  • “Im pretty good at smelling woods” -Rhett 2021 😂

    jman415jman415Måned siden
  • Why didn't they metal detect on Samsung to see if it was metal jewelry or nonmetallic noodles?

    Micah PhilsonMicah PhilsonMåned siden
  • Those first win photos are precious

    TheFraternizationTheFraternizationMåned siden
  • The way Rhett thought there was metal in the air whilst waving his ring in front of a metal detector 🤣🤣

    Kenzie JKenzie JMåned siden
  • I wish I have Company

    Alan CalvilloAlan CalvilloMåned siden
  • why rhett so proud to say im good at smelling wood concerns me

    PoakkPoakkMåned siden
  • Rhett's looking more and more like he's about to go on a spiritual pilgrimage to India or something

    SharklopsSharklopsMåned siden
  • The way rhett says vintage... "Ventage"

    sara helvestonsara helvestonMåned siden
  • 12:52 Idk if he realizes he has a metal ring on

    Tha Balkan GuyTha Balkan GuyMåned siden
  • If, God forbid, you guys go bankrupt, you still have enormous leverage with a collection of awesome vintage collectibles

    Dennis BootsDennis BootsMåned siden
  • Suprisingly enough my grandma knows their parents

    The Llama InspectorThe Llama InspectorMåned siden
  • Wait, did Stevie actually mispronounce Manchuria?

    Nir ShalevNir ShalevMåned siden
  • “There’s metal in the air”!(completely ignores the ring on his finger) 😂

    Chamberlain MillerChamberlain MillerMåned siden
  • favorite NOcds channel and that's a lot because I watch a good amount of NOcds ;)

    life litlife litMåned siden
  • Can someone explain that barber during wartime option joke towards the beginning?

    Brian KeatonBrian KeatonMåned siden
  • The way Stevie pronounced Ole like Ulé hurt my Danish heart 🥴😂🇩🇰

    Maria vdlMaria vdlMåned siden
  • Wait, WHAT!!!! From Noodles to a world wide technological mogul. I think noodles is the game to be in y'all ...

    dear miradear miraMåned siden
  • "There's metal in the air" It's just your watch Rhett haha

    Lexi ThomasLexi ThomasMåned siden
  • Yes, "poke and sniff" the underwear...

    Clay3613Clay3613Måned siden
  • Debate is over. A hotdog is not a sandwich, it's a taco.

    rossco686rossco686Måned siden
  • Nokia would be a good one for this.

    marsneedstowelsmarsneedstowelsMåned siden
  • If Rhett and Link keep playing this game, I would recommend that instead of telling the viewers the answer at the beginning of each round, you show us the brand instead so we can play along. Like how the rules changed in the shuffleboard game. I would of enjoyed this episode much more if that were the case & I'm sure many more people would have too.

    Tara BozekTara BozekMåned siden
  • Wow. The only one I knew here was the Nintendo one.

    Quantum MagnusQuantum MagnusMåned siden
  • (Aba-chrome-be)

    Bubble GumBubble GumMåned siden
  • You ever think about how weird their studio probably smells?

    Jacob PattonJacob PattonMåned siden
  • Metal in the air? Lol maybe it’s your ring

    tori uhtori uhMåned siden
  • Didn't Nintendo start with brothels or something?

    Professor_FlamingoProfessor_FlamingoMåned siden
  • They could easily see it in the camera screen they look at and have acknowledged befor

    anton blastanton blastMåned siden
  • A hotdog *is* a taco

    Jaclyn LaRocheJaclyn LaRocheMåned siden
  • I was born in 2007 lol

    AalkrenAalkrenMåned siden
  • I laughed so hard when Rhett said “Don’t ever do that again” 😂😂😂

    Cierra MillerCierra MillerMåned siden
  • It makes me so upset that Link just looks in the container before Stevie finishes talking

    Kent SilvaKent SilvaMåned siden
  • I learned something about Link today that I never wanted to know.

    imapiefaceimapiefaceMåned siden
  • i feel like Nintendo was the company that inspired this game

    Ethan KopinessEthan KopinessMåned siden
  • Haha he said there's metal in the air as it's scanning his wedding ring

    Billy MackBilly MackMåned siden
  • “This frog...of the Kermit variety”

    axelvidsaxelvidsMåned siden
  • Sadly, I can not watch the older episodes because Link's hair, plastered to his forehead, makes me gag. I tried so many times but the inside of my brain screams in agony. I am so happy he now hair found a suitable haircut. I've watched almost every video since the transforamtion.

    Ewa LapczynskaEwa LapczynskaMåned siden
  • So they can see themselves during the show via a screen. How can they not see what's in the box? Or did they hide the screen for this episode?

    Cody MooneyCody MooneyMåned siden
  • Love these guys

    John DelgadoJohn DelgadoMåned siden
  • The frog of Kermit variety 😂😂😂😂

    IforgotmyusernameIforgotmyusernameMåned siden
  • At this point the animated titles are just mediocre poems lol

    The Shadow ClubThe Shadow ClubMåned siden
  • I love how Rhett was detecting metal in the air... but really, it was his ring...

    Elizabeth Van IngenElizabeth Van IngenMåned siden
  • As someone who is very familiar with Nintendo's start in Hanafuda cards, I was ready to riot if it wasn't in the video

    No NameNo NameMåned siden