Leaving Things In A Volcano For A Month (Experiment)

Today, we're seeing what happens when you leave things in a volcano for a month! GMM # 1938
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  • ..I don't know what I was expecting.. Good one boys lol

    Whats-My-FandomWhats-My-Fandom2 dager siden
  • I fall for it EVERY YEAR lmao. At first I thought you guys were just heating things up to see how it reacts but after the first round I thought to myself "Is this an April fools episode"

    Alex RayneAlex Rayne2 dager siden
  • Can you do pickle juice next?

    Arctic TabbyArctic Tabby3 dager siden
  • The amount of people who fell for this is concerning.

    My Username Is Also BortMy Username Is Also Bort4 dager siden
  • It took me more than I’d like to admit to realize it was an April fools joke

    Harm CHarm C6 dager siden
  • Link looks like marylin manson

    Sahand KheirkhahSahand Kheirkhah6 dager siden
  • watching this in may and literally took me til the 3rd round to be like "wait a second when did they post this... DAMMIT"

    pancake2700pancake27008 dager siden
  • That evil goth Dr. Link tho..

    Heather BucknarishHeather Bucknarish8 dager siden
  • I love how even an April fools video from rhett and link is still entertaining and slightly educational

    Big32ProductionsBig32Productions8 dager siden
  • "no pressure" nice one

    Jackson RileyJackson Riley11 dager siden
  • Dang it..............

    Sri Lankan FlyerSri Lankan Flyer12 dager siden
  • Whose grandma did they have to sacrifice, to get all those ashes? That's the real question here.

    Cat SterCat Ster12 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr13 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr13 dager siden
  • I was watching this after almost a month has passed and it took me half of the video to realize that this was posted on...

    HTETHTET15 dager siden
  • 6:25 my Petrology professor would not like someone saying the heat is related to tidal friction versus 1. accretion 2. radioactive decay. You're still on it more than the pair of engineers, Mike!

    Dustin HDustin H15 dager siden
  • Can you start filming in 1440P and in 17:9 please

    riley busseriley busse17 dager siden
  • It took me almost 8 minutes to realize this was an April Fools video. XD

    MaxLPQueenMaxLPQueen18 dager siden
  • Link literally looks like an evil scientist. How's that for literation

    Let'sArtLet'sArt19 dager siden
  • Could of given me that ps5 instead😞

    Thalia LeonThalia Leon20 dager siden
  • At the beginning, idk if he ever played the floor is lava right 🤣🤣🤣

    Yung GYung G21 dag siden
  • I seriously want them to prank each other again. Link still needs to get back at Rhett but he's not gullible so they'll really have to scheme something up

    Mal AhmMal Ahm21 dag siden
  • Why is no one talking about the R&L face jackets💀 Those are things of nightmares😀

    banditobandito21 dag siden
  • I’ve been watching this video later than April 1st and only just realised..

    Dawn WoodwardDawn Woodward22 dager siden
  • I haven’t clicked on this video until now, and every time I have previously seen the title, it never occurred to me it was April Fool’s. I’ve just been wondering wth they were gonna do for this video.

    klgonzklgonz22 dager siden
  • I watched this after April 1st and was so confused until I got to the comments.

    Jessica CummingsJessica Cummings22 dager siden
  • The floor is lava would’ve been so much better with Rhett and Link as hosts, or just one of them

    tindotexetindotexe23 dager siden
  • Oh for the lava science!!! XD

    SynthiyuhSynthiyuh23 dager siden
  • 😂😂 April fools!

    KIDZNK651KIDZNK65123 dager siden
  • lmao wtf with this whole thing...... Nice 😂

    Danielle KingDanielle King24 dager siden
  • in was watching this not on April 1st and was so confused

    Makenzie CriswellMakenzie Criswell24 dager siden
  • Darn it i fell for it

    Kaylem NathanielKaylem Nathaniel24 dager siden
  • One day they’re going to release just a regular episode of gmm on april first and we’re all gonna be trying to find the joke when the joke is that there is no joke.

    builttoscalevideosbuilttoscalevideos25 dager siden
  • I thought it was going to be a baking soda volcano

    Erica LevinsonErica Levinson25 dager siden
  • why doesnt gmm come up on my recommended anymore:(

    Gemariah MartinezGemariah Martinez25 dager siden
  • O. I just realized this is an April fools joke

    Joshua AndersonJoshua Anderson25 dager siden
  • Im currently watching this not on April Fools and halfway through the video, I realized that this could be an April Fools joke so I looked at the date and I was right

    Ethan BrownEthan Brown25 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who liked the teaser clip era?

    Alex WilkinsAlex Wilkins26 dager siden
  • Why is no one talking about the rhett and link face jackets at the end of the episode?? Literally the scariest thing I've ever seen 😅😨

    TateTate26 dager siden
  • I didn't see the date but I immediately knew it was April 1st 💀💀💀

    Quinn McLendonQuinn McLendon26 dager siden
  • Link looks so weird at the end

    O p a lO p a l27 dager siden
  • 15:30 the look on mikes face is priceless

    Loyal SinLoyal Sin27 dager siden
  • DAMMIT I just realized this was a joke... 2.5 weeks later...

    youtube chickenyoutube chicken27 dager siden

    Sophia KimSophia Kim27 dager siden
  • You ever just... watch two people miss 4 perfectly set up lay-ups in a row?

    RikkunaRikkuna27 dager siden
    • Oh, it was posted on April 1. GDI

      RikkunaRikkuna27 dager siden
  • One look at the intro and I think “man have they evolved!”

    Lincoln KetchumLincoln Ketchum28 dager siden
  • I got 8 freaking minutes into this before I remembered April fools was 16 days ago

    Kelsey JKelsey J28 dager siden
  • It took me 7 minutes in to realize this is an April fool's episode

    Matthew MerkleMatthew Merkle28 dager siden
  • I took me TWO ROUNDS

    Jacqui MyersJacqui Myers28 dager siden
  • Bruh

    GoobherGoobher28 dager siden
  • Link: let'stalkabout THAT!

    infectedSt0rminfectedSt0rm28 dager siden
  • This seemed like an april fool's video (I'm half awake rn) and I thought it was a new video. I was confused like why are they doing this now? It's not april 1st anymore. I see why now lol

    SpongeBoobSpongeBoob28 dager siden
  • I'm watching this on April 15 and watched like 10 minutes before I went... wait a minute... is everything going to be ash? And then saw the post date hahaha

    Lydia BestulLydia Bestul28 dager siden
  • A vintage milk jug

    Rusty RoseRusty Rose29 dager siden
  • Oh man when science and beards collide its amazing

    Red RuMRed RuM29 dager siden
  • Took me until 6:30 y'all

    Malini CorreaMalini Correa29 dager siden
  • Bonus points if you can spot the twerker.

    M PhillipsM Phillips29 dager siden
  • Can we get a making-of video for the perfect recreation of the elderly robot from Spielberg's A.I.? 😍 (yay for obscure inspiration!!)

    lokiluver2lokiluver2Måned siden
  • What happened to The Shelf That We Leave Things On?

    Alexandre LambertAlexandre LambertMåned siden
  • I'm so embarrassed that this fooled me for a bit

    HerzblattHerzblattMåned siden
  • Do automotive fluids next

    Ethan BoslemEthan BoslemMåned siden
  • it took me until 11:25 to realize .-.

    Darcy ThienDarcy ThienMåned siden
  • I got 8 minutes into the video before I realized it was the April Fools episode. Well done, folks.

    Heavy Metal WeathermanHeavy Metal WeathermanMåned siden
  • Omg I remember those DVD players 😂😂 my cousin use to have one good times

    Nyx MakerNyx MakerMåned siden
  • Watched this on April 12th not questioning a thing, it wasn't until two rounds in that I was like, "wait a second...." to see what day this was posted. 😂 Why did I not question the logistics of their having access to an active volcano?!

    HillsxoxoHillsxoxoMåned siden
  • I’ve watched this video like 20 times but I’m making it a mission to get it to 1 mil views

    not a piece of cheesenot a piece of cheeseMåned siden
  • You guys should leave things in a washing machine for a month and see what happens.

    Dance GirlDance GirlMåned siden
  • me: what on EARTH then: oh.

    Emily MartinEmily MartinMåned siden
  • Go Bears 🐻! 2:06

    SCMownsSCMownsMåned siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    marnee hallmarnee hallMåned siden
  • A 2/10 1

    Casual NameCasual NameMåned siden
  • I love you guys lol

  • I really thought the video from The Rock was a part of the prank lol... can't believe they really did it

    Anhel RaykovaAnhel RaykovaMåned siden
  • Sigh... I lasted 6 minutes before realising it's a prank...

    Anhel RaykovaAnhel RaykovaMåned siden
  • It feel like they could have made the joke that baby’s secret’s secret was that it was resistant to heat

    ChaoswarriorXChaoswarriorXMåned siden
  • Did they honestly think that an intact PS5 would fit under the cloche?

    Nolan BrambleNolan BrambleMåned siden
  • Until the DVD ... I legit... was like.. wth is happening... Then checked the date this was made... This video left me so confused but now it all makes sense.

    mabbyzeemabbyzeeMåned siden
  • thats bs, lots of people still cant find a ps5 and you guys are just destroying one.. i really thought you were better...

    Chrisjen VizzusoChrisjen VizzusoMåned siden
    • tell me you’re joking 😂

      sootysootyMåned siden
  • Rhett looks like a goth, but happy

    Maxx a MillionMaxx a MillionMåned siden
  • They get me every single year with April fools!!😂😂😂

    Small HSmall HMåned siden
  • I got 8 minutes in before I realized when this was posted.

    Mad HatterMad HatterMåned siden
  • It's April 10th right now. When I tell you I was beyond confused.........

    Savannah HeinzSavannah HeinzMåned siden
  • Day 117 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

    B BB BMåned siden
  • Me who isn’t watching this on April 1st: 🗿

    James LeeJames LeeMåned siden
  • This has serious Grand Tour vibes 😂

    Lewis BaillieLewis BaillieMåned siden
  • When you dont realise it's an April fool's joke till you read the comments...😬😂

    Cariesens KaninenCariesens KaninenMåned siden
  • mike staring into my soul the whole video

    rosie MAKEUPxrosie MAKEUPxMåned siden
  • oh this was posted april fools day

    rosie MAKEUPxrosie MAKEUPxMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂 i forgot what day it was

    uaenawoluaenawolMåned siden
  • Wait they actually left stuff at an ACTUAL Volcano for a month?! Dame.

    The Witch KingThe Witch KingMåned siden
    • ...

      sootysootyMåned siden
  • Before realizing this was an April fools joke I thought they meant like a backing soda volcano that people make in school.

    TisMeAgainTisMeAgainMåned siden
  • GOTH LINK 🖤 do they already have a video where they ask an actual goth to help them transform themselves into goths or do we need to ask Jake Munro?

    Fanni Anna KeserüFanni Anna KeserüMåned siden
  • 7 minutes in thinking won't the ashes fall in the volcano?how did they collect that?😯😯

    Aarti ChawlaAarti ChawlaMåned siden
  • Could you do an international cheese taste test? And use brunost (browncheese) from Norway??

    NordicStormNordicStormMåned siden
  • They freaking just bought a bunch of ash and put it in the plates, they should’ve left the dolls head intact just as a joke

    SakredSoulSakredSoulMåned siden
  • why did my mind actually think this was possible and was actually excited to see it until I realised it's April's fool video.... bye

    ShuHaoShuHaoMåned siden
  • It has been a week since I watched this entire video and I just now realized it was an April fools joke...

    John CromerJohn CromerMåned siden
  • Link looks like he spent 20 minutes on his lipstick this morning

    Ross LeppertRoss LeppertMåned siden
  • I was so confused until I checked the comments

    Abram ClementsAbram ClementsMåned siden
  • I wish rhett and link could be my dads

    LloydLloydMåned siden