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Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.

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  • Almost always determine my food choices from this channel

    Patrick MartinPatrick Martin16 timer siden
  • That heartbeat sauce is amazing on fish tacos. Mmmmmm yum

    Allison CaldwellAllison Caldwell16 timer siden
  • you guys should have the mythical crew rate the sauces and not tell you, then you try them blind and see how your guys choices line up

    Colt KanzariColt Kanzari16 timer siden
  • Dr pepper alternate should've been nurse salt. :V

    Whisp-Moon DrawsWhisp-Moon Draws16 timer siden
  • 5:32 this is more sus than the orbes beginning

    Quesadilla FeetQuesadilla Feet16 timer siden
  • "on the planet"...!? more like "in the US". and even consuming a lot of American media, I have only ever heard of Olive garden, but not the other one....

    Alex MAlex M16 timer siden
  • I got all of em right lol

    PastelFoxinPastelFoxin16 timer siden
  • Link needs to get on the spicy jams and jelliesss

    DocSaysM3d1c8DocSaysM3d1c816 timer siden
  • Did not need to know that link’s tongue game is this epic 👀

    Nicole DNicole D16 timer siden
  • I can't believe Olympic sank but titanic scraped

    steely gamingsteely gaming16 timer siden
  • Where can I get these sauces?? They look so good

    Kelsi ShepardKelsi Shepard16 timer siden
  • Pomegranates are the fruit of sensuality all thanks to the literary genius of Rocky Flintstone

    Austin AndradeAustin Andrade16 timer siden
  • 10:48 lol 😂

    OrangeboymurdochOrangeboymurdoch16 timer siden
  • Almost forgot about the " which cheese is best on a burger " The fact that cheddar never appeared even in the selection has me sitting here with no respect for the crews taste.

    SlothTree237SlothTree23716 timer siden
  • Solid drinks vs liquid foods. You guys have to do this!!!! Please!!!!

    Crystalz TubeCrystalz Tube16 timer siden
  • They all were great and the pianist amazing for following the beat so well. They should do this sort of episodes more.

    MoacMoac16 timer siden
  • Lol I was expecting xxxtentacion

    Elias TesfayeElias Tesfaye16 timer siden
  • 0:00 link face is kinda sus

    Quesadilla FeetQuesadilla Feet16 timer siden
  • Beef on wecks are a big thing in Buffalo NY and everyone raves about them when they come here and get them

    Mariah O'DellMariah O'Dell16 timer siden
  • TLDR, Burger King.

    PeterthehuskyPeterthehusky16 timer siden
  • Just ordered McDonald's eating chips and dip

    TxslimxTxslimx16 timer siden
  • Why not try to mix some sauses?

    Sven GoversSven Govers16 timer siden
  • rivers in the desert

    Emily GreinerEmily Greiner16 timer siden
  • It took untik the final round for Link to mention that they were putting it in their mouths and should decide which one tastes better. 🤔🤔🤔 Isn't that what you guys were supposed to be doing this entire time?!?! 🤯

    bobbycone2bobbycone216 timer siden
  • Just graduated me used “Beans and Rice” as my Commencement quote

    Caedence StrelauCaedence Strelau16 timer siden
  • Y’all messed up purple hippo is the best one here

    Justin HarrisonJustin Harrison16 timer siden
  • 17:08 im sorry, *what?*

    Lilly MLilly M16 timer siden
  • Nice T-shirt Good to see Barbie

    draketdracodraketdraco16 timer siden
  • Yall undervalued link’s all bite no bark joke.

    Erick SalinasErick Salinas16 timer siden
  • I don’t think they realized “beaver duck” means platypus lol

    Johnny FinesJohnny Fines16 timer siden
  • I have a suggestion for a video. What about Brand vs. Copycat?

    SethSeth16 timer siden
  • Beavers & Ducks. (anyone who knows where that's from is laughing!)

    bobbycone2bobbycone216 timer siden
  • Do the one chip challenge! The paqui chip!

    Amanda HenleyAmanda Henley16 timer siden
  • Instead of putting ketchup on meatloaf do BBQ sauce+Chili powder+Small amount of ketchup. It's so much better

    Cpt.ChimpCpt.Chimp16 timer siden
  • how do they decide which sauces to pit against one another?

    AngelAngel16 timer siden
  • Links slow turn looked pretty good.

    McKinley warnerMcKinley warner16 timer siden
  • Where’s the mango habanero sauce from bww:(

    Clay BoltinClay Boltin16 timer siden
  • The true takeaway that any Southerner will tell you: BBQ should never be fine dining. If it's marketed as fancy BBQ, run away.

    Thomas HolmesThomas Holmes16 timer siden
  • Props to whatever intern has to watch all of the wheel of mithicality video submissions and find the ones that match the theme of every episode

    アレックスAlexanderアレックスAlexander16 timer siden
  • Wild berry is my fav too

    J ShortJ Short16 timer siden
  • There's a pterodactyl after elly says ope there it goes there she is Yeah is that ok I'm just gonna keep goen

    Bear BravehawkBear Bravehawk16 timer siden
  • As I eat Publix sushi lol

    Haley AdamsHaley Adams16 timer siden
  • "HAWT JAM" is my new favorite exclamatory response

    Erin RichardErin Richard16 timer siden
  • heart beat straight outta thunder bay !!!! beautifully made sauces and the brewery here makes some awesome beer I love it all

    Robert CollinsRobert Collins16 timer siden
  • Do a salsa version of this game

    Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis16 timer siden
  • Finally found my Childhood🥲

    シPon11cakesシPon11cakes16 timer siden
  • Where is Pancheros?

    Connor DeJongConnor DeJong16 timer siden
  • did they really just buy vibrators....

    zikeyyzikeyy16 timer siden
  • The face of the pringle man on the dingles is priceless

    Robert FischerRobert Fischer16 timer siden
  • I'm pretty sure I've seen other people hold there hair back like Rhett somewhere before! 😏

    Joseph SiemannJoseph Siemann16 timer siden
  • Buffalo Wild Wings mango habanero and it's not even close.

    Kyle RKyle R16 timer siden
  • 12:30 just close your eyes and let the imagination run wild xD

    GhostRespawnGhostRespawn16 timer siden
  • rhett : “i’m feeling a little fruity” me : “well it is pride month” welcome to the team rhett😂

    Emily OEmily O17 timer siden
  • It bothers me that during the Mac round, Rhett used a fork and Link used a spoon.

    KillthemwithkindnessKillthemwithkindness17 timer siden
  • "We're sending all ducks and all beavers away!" The platypus: "O-oh... Okay..."

    Cody OsborneCody Osborne17 timer siden
  • I need to understand what’s happening underneath the plates. What is this tubular configuration??

    Tessa ChanTessa Chan17 timer siden
  • Heart Beat Pineapple Habanero is the BEST sauce on sharp cheddar. Sad they kicked it to the curb :(

    specialbunnyspecialbunny17 timer siden
  • Gotta love rhett’s intros

    Chelsea BarriosChelsea Barrios17 timer siden
  • That is a bowl a little bowl

    Mr. BjackMr. Bjack17 timer siden
  • I live were the famous daves is

    Noah SabourinNoah Sabourin17 timer siden
  • Can people just stop putting fruit where it doesn't belong?????? Sheesh

    Not WednesdayNot Wednesday17 timer siden
  • The attractive tank nutritionally share because bandana reassembly answer into a lyrical spandex. quixotic, impartial gram

    Kaan SecilmisKaan Secilmis17 timer siden
  • This is one of those ones where you're shouting at the TV

    Eve LambrickEve Lambrick17 timer siden
  • Chutney, caramel

    Mario van HeerdenMario van Heerden17 timer siden
  • Sucking berries has got to be the grossest thing I have ever seen.

    Mr. Zombie918Mr. Zombie91817 timer siden
  • No Sriracha?!!

    Arnisha TrycinaArnisha Trycina17 timer siden
  • Wings are like trying to buy a used car, a house or lumber. The price is through the roof.

    Raymond A. LevesqueRaymond A. Levesque17 timer siden
  • Where is the Frank's man!

    Andrew LamangoAndrew Lamango17 timer siden
  • I love those things!

    Jim SniderJim Snider17 timer siden
  • I want to try 7 of the 8 now. I'm not about that burn-all-the-way-through life

    Liz JaramilloLiz Jaramillo17 timer siden
  • Haha smart teacher. :) now you behaved well cos you where next to your crush.

    carollolcarollol17 timer siden
  • Apparently they’ve never watched Jenna Marbles

    Addi SullivanAddi Sullivan17 timer siden
  • RONSTADT is awesome

    Empress BoOgieEmpress BoOgie17 timer siden
  • No franks wing sauce? It's the OG of wing sauce.

    GlorionTanksGlorionTanks17 timer siden
  • I have mango habanero ice cream.... now I want raspberry chipotle ice cream

    Aeo WrynnAeo Wrynn17 timer siden